Disciple the Saved

Step 2 of our mission is to disciple the saved

We grow as disciples primarily through small groups.  We recommend that everyone who attends the church to be involved in a small group. There are 2 main types of groups at our church.


Connection Home Groups:

These are weekly or bi-monthly small groups that meet at someones home. These groups allow people to connect with one another in the comfort of a home atmosphere. Most of these groups usually meet on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The goal of the connection time is up to the group leaders but it usually involves group discussions, snacks, bible/book/curriculum study, prayer, and occasional social activities or outings

The connection home groups can have a status of "open" or "waitlist." We encourage that all groups stay open and grow to a point of reaching 12 to 15 regular attendees. The group should be in periodic discussion of how it will multiply in the future. This will most often be done by 3-5 group members from the original group planting a new connection group in a new home. It is understood that each group is very unique and some group can choose to not take on new members for certain seasons, during which time this is called waitlisted, at which time any new potential members can be put on a waitlist. This closing of the group should only be temporary, and when the timing is right the group should open back up and start taking on new members to continue the growth process and plant new groups eventually.

Connection group leaders should always be looking for new people to invite to their group. Groups are encouraged to bring Christians as well as seekers (non-Christians) into the group at the discretion of the group leader(s).

Connection Home groups are encouraged to meet weekly or bi-monthly and on Friday Saturday or Sunday.

The connection home group leader(s) are accountable and loyal to the pastoral staff of Fort Osage Church of the Nazarene.


Bible Study Groups: 

"Bible Study Groups" are integral in helping FOCN members become mature in their walk with Christ. These groups allow for questions and discussions centered on passages of scripture and biblical topics. 

While Bible study can and should happen within Connection groups as well as in many different settings at FOCN, there are specific small groups that meet at the church just for focused study of the Bible. In these groups fellowship does happen, but it's much more limited. The majority of time  in a Bible Study Group is primarily concerned with digging deeper into the Bible and Christian spiritual Truths.

These groups can use Bible centered curriculum or simply the Bible itself. If  a curriculum or study is used it should be approved by the pastoral staff. If the Bible is used without a curriculum, then the leader(s) of the Bible study should be well versed in the correct exposition and proper orthodox interpretation of the Bible.

Bible study group size can range from a very small group (2 or 3) to a large group (20-30). Above 20 or 30 people should use caution as the ability to ask questions becomes more limited in such large groups.  Bible study groups are encouraged to ask questions and go at their own natural pace so that passages of scripture and topics are covered thoroughly.

Sunday school classes fit into this category as well as mid-week Bible studies. Mid-week Bible study groups are encouraged to meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. While Sunday Schools groups meet every Sunday morning. All Bible Study Groups are encouraged to meet weekly.

The Bible study leader(s) are accountable and loyal to the pastoral staff of Fort Osage Church of the Nazarene.

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Step 1: Save the Lost

Step 2: Disciple the Saved

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